Superbly isolated right in the heart of the Ruaha National Park lies Jongomero camp on the banks of a seasonal sand river which bears the same name. Blending in beautifully with its surroundings the camp is tucked away among some shady riverine vegetation not far from permanent water therefore attracting a large amount of animals into the camp area. Being the only camp situated in this area of the park ensures unmatched privacy and a true wilderness experience.

Accommodation at Jongomero comprises 8 large and well-appointed tented suites, all built on raised wooden platforms and under enormous thatched roofs that also encompass a spacious private veranda. All tents are spread out, situated on the edge of the sand river which is often used by a multitude of different animals to make their way to the river system for water. The dining and living areas are both original and very comfortable offering a great vantage to take in the sights and sounds of the African bush that surrounds the camp, as does the natural "hippo friendly" swimming pool for those hot days.

The camp itself is not fenced and animals are free to pass through as they please. Elephants are daily and nightly visitors to the camp, vast herds of buffalo come within close proximity to the camp itself.  Lion occassionally pass through and once every so often the tracks of a leopard can be seen winding down the main pathway as they make their way through the camp. The tents are perfectly secure and guests are frequently subjected to the wonderful feeling of huddling in a tent silently, trying to guess the identity of the enourmous pachyderm which may wander by in the continuous quest for herbage.

For anyone seeking a true African wilderness experience, a visit to Ruaha National Park is essential. One of Tanzania's wildest parks, Ruaha can only be described as a true unspoiled natural wilderness. Due to its' distance from any major city very few tourists visit the park each year but those who do are treated to unsurpassable wilderness and complete isolation.

The landscape is rugged and harsh and no other park in Tanzania epitomises the definition of "wild Africa" quite like the Ruaha. Vast and untouched the Ruaha National park, after the annexation of two other major conservation areas is now the largest National Park in Tanzania and stands currently at an incredible 23,000 square kilometers; substantially larger than Wales! The park is perhaps the least well-known and yet to connoisseurs it is without doubt one of the most spectacular in Africa.

Situated in the South-West of Tanzania, Ruaha sprawls within and along an ancient arm of the Great Rift Valley, covering a unique transition zone where the Eastern and Southern species of both fauna and flora meet against a dramatic topographical background. Ruaha, due to its location on the rift and surrounding geological formations is extremely diverse with access to several different habitat types. The vast majority of the park above the escarpment is termed "Miombo Woodland" is rarely visited by tourists being so far away with challenging game viewing and an abundance of tse-tse flies. The scenery here is quite dramatic with tall Brachysteiga trees forming a continuous woodland housing some specialist species of antelope such as the magnificent sable as well as several miombo specializing birds. The more developed section of the park is little more than a third of the total size of the park and is at a much lower altitude and is known as the Ruaha valley. Still just as wild however, this section of park has a decent road network for game viewing and completely different vegetation types offering a diverse game drive experience without as much of the troublesome tse-tse fly. The valley is also where the lifeline of Ruaha passes through; the Great Ruaha River which especially in the drier seasons will attract big herds of animals of all shapes and sizes.

  • Bar Facility
  • Swimming Pool

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