Known as the ‘Pearl of Africa’ and as the name suggests, one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. Uganda suffered immensely under the rule of notorious Idi Admin and still in the process of rebuilding itself. Some attractions include the Rwenzori Mountains, source of the Nile River and the Moungain Gorillas.

Head of State: President Yoweri Museveni and Vice President Gilbert Bukenya Balibaseka

Land area:
91 136 sq miles (236 040 sq kilometres)

Largest Towns:
Kampala, Jinja, Mbale, Fort Portal, Kabale

Population: 32 million

Official Languages: English, KiSwahili, Luganda, Luo and Runyankore

Currency: Uganda Shilling (UGX)

International Airports: Entebbe International Airport

Major Cultures: European,  Bantu – Batembuzi, Baganda

Christian and Muslim

When to Travel

The best time for Gorilla Trekking in Uganda is December to March. This is the drier season in Uganda and Rwanda. Alternatively June and August are also very popular for travellers to visit. It is best to avoid gorilla trekking during or shortly after the rain season, although this is a beautiful time to see the rain forests.

Geography & Climate

Sitting comfortably elevated basin between the East and West branches of the Great Rift Valley. Majortiy of Uganda is relatively flat and lies at 1000m in altitude, although this Pearl of Africa has some big mountains.

Lakes include Lake Victoria, Lake Albert, Lake Edward, Lake George and Lake Kyoga. The rain season ranges from mid September to March and May.

Crime & Safety

Probably one of the safer countries in Africa, apart from political unrest which take place from time to time on certain national parks. These are mostly in the West due to unrest in the DRC, not related to any tourists.


It is possible to draw money from the banks in Entebbe, but can take time. Foreign exchange offices keep normal trading hours open until 17h00 pm.

Banking hours: Monday to Friday -      09h00 am to 14h00 pm


Very slow and unreliable postal system. Telecommunications are really good and inexpensive, as well as Email.

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